Dickies has a extensive range of waistcoats in varied colours, styles and sizes including all of the accessories to match; cuff-links, hankies, cumberbands etc. We're constantly updating our range so please contact us if you don't see what you're after below.
Please scroll through the waistcoat gallery by either using the arrows or by the swatches underneath.

The waistcoats designs include:

  1. Ivory Devices
  2. Ivory Paisley
  3. Ivory Life
  4. Ivory René
  5. Ivory Debris Floral
  6. Ivory Ascot
  7. Ivory Rumours
  8. Grey Devices
  9. Grey Paisley
  10. Grey Ritz
  11. Grey Debris Floral
  12. Grey Wool
  13. Fuchsia Oh là là
  14. Fuchsia René
  15. Purple René
  16. Cadburys Oh là là
  17. Royal Blue René
  18. Ice Blue René
  19. Ice Blue Debris Floral
  20. Light Blue Ascot
  21. Burdandy René
  22. Red René
  23. Navy Mohair
  24. Grey Mohair
  25. Grey Wool Double Breasted
  26. Grey Wool Tweed
  27. Navy Wool Tweed
  28. Brown Wool Tweed
  29. Ivory Antique Life
  30. Green Oh là là
  31. Grant Navy
  32. Grant Silver
  33. Silver Life
  34. Tweed Torre
  35. White Debri
  36. Pink Debri
  37. Lilac Debri